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  1. What is the purpose of fasting? 


Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan as an act of worship. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligtaroy. Ramadan is a chance for Muslims to grow their relationship with Allah (swt). Fasting allows Muslims to take a step back, break bad habits and become more appreciative. 


  1. Does one only abstain from food during the month of Ramadan?


No, Muslims abstain from more than just food. From sunrise to sunset Muslims also abstain from drinking any liquids (yes including water), engaging in sexual activity, and smoking cigarettes. 


  1. Is chewing gum or taking medication allowed during the fast? 


No. Both chewing gum and taking any sort of medication (including) dry pills will break your fast. If the medication is necessary, you can make up your fast after the month of Ramadan for any missed days. 


  1. Should pregnant or breastfeeding women fast? 


This depends on the health of the woman. Consulting with a medical professional is best in this case to see if there is any threat or harm to the mother or baby. For breastfeeding women it too is dependent on a few factors. Every woman and her milk supply is different. Consult with a professional to see if fasting will be of any harm to the baby or negatively affect the production of milk. 


  1. Can I get vaccinated during the month of Ramadan? 


Doctors and scholars have confirmed that getting the Covid-19 vaccine during The month of Ramadan is permitted. 

Written by Anan Helwih

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