Concentration in Salah

This blog is about the ways that can help us concentrate in Salah. The ways in which we can get distracted during Salah are also mentioned. 


How do we get distracted?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s first establish what are the different forms of distraction during Salah. Here are the two ways (both are prohibited) in which we can get distracted:

  1. Distraction of Mind - when our heart and mind are distracted towards something other than Allah
  2. Distraction of Gaze - when our gaze transfers and we are looking around


How to improve concentration in Salah?

Here are some ways which will help us and make our Salah experience more beautiful Insha’Allah:

  1. Be sincere with Allah. In order for us to achieve this, we must get to know Allah.
  2. Be mindful that we are standing in front of Allah. 
  3. Be mindful that Allah is watching us
  4. Find a quiet place to pray
  5. Understanding the meaning of what we recite in Salah
  6. Pray as if it is one’s last prayer
  7. Don’t haste in prayer
  8. Each time one says “AllahuAkbar,” be mindful that Allah is greater than whatever might distract one’s mind and/or gaze
  9. Know that Allah doesn’t need our prayer, but we need Allah in our lives


Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

“Every individual must stand before Allah twice: when he stands before Him in prayer and when he stands before Him on the Day he meets Him. Whoever stands before Him as he should in the first instance, the second standing will be made easy for him, but whoever is heedless with regard to this standing, and does not stand before Him (in prayer) as he should, that standing (on the Day of Resurrection) will be made difficult for him.”

Written by Areeba Amanat 


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