The word Taqwa is used a lot in our faith. It is a concept that is necessary for us to have an understanding of - as it is one of the rights that Allah SWT has over us in this life. The word taqwa in Arabic translates to consciousness. More specifically - it refers to a consciousness of Allah SWT.  The entire existence of a believer is rooted in one concept: the complete submission to Allah SWT. The word Islam in Arabic translates to submission, and the word Muslim translates to the one who submits to Allah.  

A beautiful teaching moment in the time of the sahaba happened where Omar Ibn Al Khattab RA asked Ubay ibn Kaab RA about the definition of taqwa. Ubay responded by asking Omar if he’s ever walked through a pathway filled with thorns. When Omar said he did, Kaab asked him how he managed to walk through it. Omar replied by saying “I tucked up (my garment) and did my best (to avoid thorns”. Ubay then said “that’s taqwa”. This is a powerful and beautiful way of explaining what God consciousness is. It is being aware of Allah SWT in every moment of our lives; during both our difficulties and ease. 

Here are 3 ways to increase your taqwa of Allah SWT if you consistently try to stick to them:

1- Remembering the afterlife: 

Constantly reminding ourselves of the day of Judgement and the hellfire will keep us in check, and help us prioritize Allah in all circumstances.

2- Keep making dua and asking Allah to grant you taqwa

The Prophet PBUH used to make different duas involving taqwa. A popular one being “Oh Allah! I ask you for Guidance, Piety, Chastity and Wealth”.


3- Get your doubts or misunderstandings cleared

The best way to remove any doubts we have about any Islamic issues or what we can and can’t do is to ask those who are qualified. 


If you have any Islamic questions you would like answered, book a session with an Imam or Islamic Scholar on our platform here.


- Written by Gheed Al Nassan 

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