Increase Iman

Taking the first step to increasing your iman may feel so insignificant. Start with at least one prayer or extra prayer a day, make dua more often, read a few verses from the Quran a day, and make zakat.


The five pillars of Islam are cruicial to when it comes to being consistent and creasting your iman. Praying consistently, at least five times a day, and attentively is so important. Being attentive in your prayers means being present. Sometimes prayers can be rushed and it is so important to take your time and really take full advantage of standing in front of Allah (swt) and praising him. Reading the Quran is such an easy and beautiful way to connect with our creator. The Quran is the perfect place to find answers and guidance from Allah (swt). Making dua is another way to connect with Allah (swt). Talking with your creator is so important in order to have a meaningful relationship. We should talk to Allah (swt) about any hardships we might be facing but also talk to him about the good things that are happening for us. Sometimes we tend to forget to praise Allah (swt) when things are going good for us. Never forget to say Alhamdulillah in the good and bad times. Allah (swt) has a plan for us. It may not be in our timing but he has everything planned out for us. 


Another way to increase your iman is to surround yourself with people who bring you closer to Allah (swt) and strengthen your relationship with him. Friends who encourage you to pray, to read quran and to do good deeds are the friends you want to have. Groups at the mosque are the perfect place to connect with like minded Muslims. Find a Quran Study group. Faith Consulting offers one on one sessions with scholars and imams if you need to learn more about Islamic studies or have a general counselling session.


Written by Anan Helwih


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