Start young! Children are much more likely to absorb information and language skills at a young age. Exposing your child to the Arabic language as much as possible is a great way to start establishing language skills. Teaching your child to read/write and understand Arabic is crucial. Arabic is the language of Islam and is the language that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Ways to start teaching your child Arabic can be through television series, apps, and books. Books such as Qaeda Al-Noorania are great learning books for beginners. This book will help your child slowly learn how to read the Quran. If your child can read the Quran then they can read anything in the Arabic language. You can download the Qaeda Al-Noorania app on Google Play or on the App Store. 


For many children growing up in western societies, Arabic will not be their first or native language. A few tips we suggest to help your child speak Arabic include:

  • Speaking Arabic at home. This may seem insignificant but can be crucial for your child.  Encouraging them to speak only Arabic in the household will help them become accustomed to exchanging conversation in Arabic and will help keep the language alive.
  • Visiting your home country. Going back home can be very beneficial for your child. It will help them stay connected to their roots and culture. 
  • Enrolling your child in Sunday school is a great way of keeping them around the Arabic language. Many Muslim children go to schools where only English is taught so Sunday school can be a great bonus. 
  • Hiring a tutor on Faith Consulting. Faith Consulting offers one on one video sessions with qualified Arabic teachers. Book a session for your child from the comfort of your own home. Choose a service provider that best fits the learning needs of your child. 


Written by Anan Helwih


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