In this fast-paced world, we juggle many responsibilities which can overwhelm us. Moreover, every day we hear negative news or attacks somewhere around the globe. All these intakes are not healthy for our mental health. Fortunately, more and more people are understanding the importance of mental health and psychological well-being. In an attempt to solve this, many workplaces have been implementing rules regarding mental health advocacy. These rules include providing counselling and conducting mental health workshops at the workplace. Some companies also offer covered psychological counselling. Alongside the workplace, many educational institutes are starting to offer counselling services on campus, and they are encouraging students and staff to use these facilities. So, what is psychological counselling? And why do we need to talk about it? Psychological counselling is the specialization where counsellors use psychological measures to improve the well-being, growth, and mental health of individuals and groups. One day or another we are going to need to seek counselling. But why we would need counselling? 


Here are 5 reasons why you need to seek psychological counselling. 


1- You might not know that, but yes you need counselling 


You have been feeling not like yourself lately, the mundane tasks such as cooking, changing your clothes or cleaning are becoming a burden. You are feeling down and nothing you do is change these feelings. The feeling of loneliness is increasing even though you are in a room full of people. Your family, partner, and your siblings are worried, and they keep asking how are you doing and how can we help? Moreover, you have lost your appetite and you cannot eat regularly. That special dish that you always liked eating and your friends will surprise you with does not lighten up your mood anymore. You might be suffering from depression or eating disorders and even though these feelings can come and go sometimes and are not worrying if they last for one day or 3 days if these feelings extend to over 2 weeks you need to check with a counsellor. Psychologists or counsellors will help you understand your situation and feelings. They might also diagnose you with a mental illness and offer you non-medical treatment such as CPT and Art therapy. There is a wide range of treatments that can help improve your life and fix your relationships as well as bring back the old you. There is no shame in seeking psychological counselling, on the other hand, seeking help when needed is welcomed by those offering help and is celebrated as it helps make people healthier, therefore, working with their full potential. Do you feel like it is your turn to seek counselling? Check our service providers now. At Faith consulting we bring you a range of international counsellors with different backgrounds and educational journeys. Book your first call today with one of our counsellors following this link. 


2- You can change the world, yes. By seeking Counselling, you are making a better world


You are a special individual, and the world needs you. Seeking psychological help will support you to show up as the best version of yourself. More to that, by seeking counselling, you are helping in normalizing seeking treatment and taking care of mental health. After the Covid-19 pandemic that caused a dramatic change in how the world function, mental health has become a new focus for people. Many companies and organizations are promoting mental health and well-being and are providing counselling services. It has become obvious that being mentally well is important for a healthy world where everyone is functioning with their highest potential. Therapy is such a transformative measure that will change and aid you in your life journey. Seeking psychological counselling help the world in making people comfortable in their skin and able to perform better in jobs and homes. Life is not easy and the struggles of providing for a family or taking care of young kids are real. Therapy can aid in figuring out problems that can act as a hurdle in our everyday tasks. Moreover, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, poor mental health is appointed to be one of the biggest reasons for unproductivity and poor performance in the workplace in the US. So seeking psychological counselling support the economy of the country and increases productivity at the workplace. 


3- Islamically, you are required to seek help when needed


It is a requirement for us Islamically to seek help when we need so. Our body is an Amanah -Trust- from Allah -SWT- and he will ask us about the way we dealt and took care of our health. Allah- SWT- mentions the story of Maryam -peace be upon her- when she was given the news that she will be the mother of a prophet. Eisa -Peace be upon him-, she went to a far place where Allah the almighty is telling us her story. Allah -SWT says : ((And Shake the trunk of this palm tree towards you, it will drop fresh, ripe dates upon you.* So eat and drink and put your heart at ease. But if you see any of the people, say, I have vowed silence to the most compassionate, so I am not talking to anyone today.)) 25-26 chapter 19. Maryam- May peace be upon her- was worried, sad, and tired. After all, she was pregnant. Allah -SWT- instructed her to shake the trunk of the palm tree that she was lying under to get the nutrition she and her baby needs from the dates. He -almighty- also tells her not to fear nor to become sad as he will always be with her. The moral of the story here is found in two points, the first is that Maryam was asked to seek help by eating from the palm tree. The second and the most important is that Allah -SWT- recognized her feelings and shared her story in the holy Quran that many Muslims around the world read daily. We see from the story of the mother of Eisa -peace be upon them- that Islam acknowledges mental health and the importance of taking care of our mental well-being.


4- You will build a healthier future for your kids


There is this famous saying that says: “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” So, we are always instructed to fill our cups first. Seeking counselling is one method to fill our cups before thinking about starting a family. Starting a family is an important task and is not an easy one. Just like buildings, the first and most important step of the construction is the basis where the columns are set to start the house or the building. Similarly, the basis of a family is the parents. Parents are the roots of the next generations and having self-aware parents produce healthy children. To gain the required self-awareness and prevent childhood trauma for your children, pre-marital counselling is the best method to start this journey. More and more governments and countries are acknowledging the importance of pre-marital counselling and education. For example, pre-marital counselling is encouraged in many countries such as Malaysia as it helps in starting a relationship with the knowledge of what is needed and required from each partner in a marriage, therefore, building a stable home. Seeking psychological counselling before marriage or when you see an issue will prevent future issues. Many of our personalities form during childhood and because of how we were dealt with by our parents. And we have emotionally and mentally healthy parents, we grow up normally and flourish and add to the world. Are you thinking about starting a family and you are looking for a premarital counsellor? Look no further, faith consulting offers a range of professional and Islamically well-versed pre-marital counsellors from across the globe. Book your discovery call today and start your journey!


5- You embark on a Self-Discovery journey


Sometimes, you do not have a problem, you just need to understand yourself more and organize your thinking. We don’t always understand ourselves and the situations or incidents we go through. While not everyone needs support in learning about themselves, many people need support in learning about themselves. Unlike many people believe, psychological counselling is not only for people who suffer mental illness or for people with problems. A psychological counsellor is trained to listen to you carefully and help you make sense of your thoughts and words. A counsellor will help you put a new set of eyes on your experience, therefore allowing you to explore your potential. Moreover, seeking counselling can help you improve in many aspects of your life such as your relationships. Relationships are important events that human beings were created with the need to develop. Seeking counselling can teach you more about yourself which in turn will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in developing relationships. For instance, you might struggle to form relationships with your workmates, or you find it hard to start a conversation. A counsellor can aid you in understanding your work environment as well as your patterns and needs in a relationship. 


Overall, seeking therapy will benefit you, your children, and the world. Mental health awareness should be the new norm and seeking psychological help should be normalized. The world is changing, and you can survive, thrive, and give more to the world by understanding yourself and healing your wounds. We here at the Faith Consulting group, understand the importance of seeking psychological help and that is why we provide several options of counsellors from all across the globe to help you through your healing journey. Check our counsellors today and book a call with the counsellor you feel suits your need the most. 



Written by Duaa Saber 

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