Meaning and Purpose of Life

We all, at one point or another, question the purpose of our lives. Why were we placed on this Earth? Sometimes we feel like our lives are not meaningful or we have a hard time understanding what our reason for being here is. “We are on this Earth not to find faith or love, but to water the blessings of what God already planted within us” (Helwa, 64). We have to find our talents and use them towards the greater good. What gifts did God give us that we can use towards society in a good way? For example, maybe Allah (swt) gave you the gift of patience and you use that gift to become a wonderful and patient teacher to young children.

 “God will ask to what extent we manifested and actualized the gifts He gave us. He will ask if we used our intellect for the benefit of society or to its detriment, if we used our hands to bring peace or to instigate war. He will ask if we wasted our blessings in focusing on materialism or if we used what we were divinely given as a means of supporting those who are less fortunate. God gave every single one of us unique abilities and talents, and based on what He gave to us, He will evaluate us. God does not grade us on a curve, He compares us to ourselves. Our work on Earth is to receive and cultivate the gifts given to us by God for the benefit of the entire creation” (Helwa, 64). This is beautifully said because it showcases how flexible and understanding Allah (swt) is. He doesn’t judge all of us based on a certain criteria because we are all different, yet we are all the same. Allah (swt) knows that every individual has certain strengths and weaknesses and talents. Just as some people are meant to be doctors, others are meant to be activists or writers or teachers. Find your talent. Find your gift and share it with those around you.

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Written by Anan Helwih


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