Memorizing the Quran

We all start somewhere. Sometimes we feel intimidated by opening the book of Allah (swt) when we feel we aren’t worthy or smart enough to learn/memorize the Quran. We can feel as if we’ve sinned too much and there’s no point in turning to Allah (swt) now. Allah (swt) says turn to him and he will run to you. It may feel too late or you may feel too old but the beauty of our creator allows us to always return to Him no matter how old we are. He is always waiting for us to turn back to Him. Abdullah AL Jurjawi is the oldest man in Jeddah to have memorized the Quran. MashAllah he memorized the whole Quran in only 10 months at the age of 65. 

Start small and easy and work your way up. “Start from the last Surah Al-Dhariyat to the end (4 Juzz), because this will help you gain the confidence you need in memorizing the Quran since these Surah’s are shorter and we’ve heard of them at one point or another” (Ustadh Asim Khan). He continues to say that “if we were to memorize half a page daily, so 10 pages a month for 5 days a week you will be a Hafiz in only 5 years time”. Imagine being a Hafiz of the Quran in only 5 years. 

Quran Memorization Misconceptions, according to Ustadh Asim Khan:

  1. It’s haram to forget a verse or aya. It’s normal to forget verses or ayas but we should always try and find a way to remember it. 
  2. Hifz means to memorize the whole Quran. “This isn’t true because you can memorize as much as you’re able to”. Ustadh Asim Khan tells us that you don’t need to memorize the whole Quran but you can memorize as much as you wish to and the more the better.
  3. If I read the Quran enough times it will stick in my head. Ustadh Asim Khan says that this will definitely help but isn’t the way to go about memorizing the Quran. So what will actually help you memorize the Quran? According to Ustadh Asim Khan, this technique by Abu Bakr Shatri will help you memorize the Quran. 
    1. “Read the whole section out loud”.
    2. “Start one line at a time and say it 3 times out loud”.
    3. “Close your eyes and attempt to read it out loud”. 
    4. “If you made mistakes, fix your mistakes here”.
    5. If you can repeat  it 5 times in a row with no mistakes then you’ve got it”. 
    6. “Repeat steps A-E”.
    7. “Close your eyes and recite both lines, back to back, 3 times in a row, and now you’ve memorized both lines together”. 

Written By Anan Helwih


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