Parenting like the Prophet PBUH

Being a parent is the toughest "job" any of us could ever have. Being a parent is a heavy responsibility given to us by Allah SWT, that we are reminded of numerous times throughout the Quran and the sunnah.

 Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “Indeed each of you is a shepherd and each of you will be questioned regarding his flock." (Tirmidhi). 

Every parent will be questioned about the way they raised their children. Children, after all, are an incredible blessing and gift from our Creator. Therefore, we must always make sure that we are being the best parents we can be to them - as well as guiding them to  Allah SWT with love and gentleness. How can we achieve that? By following the example of Our beloved Prophet PBUH who was the best person and parent to ever walk this earth. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the father of 7 children in total. Only 4 of them survived past their childhood (May Peace be on them all). Prophet Muhammad PBUH also raised Anas Bin Malik, who served Prophet Muhammad PBUH when he was a young boy and was treated as his son. There is no better parenting guide out there than the seerah (life) of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. 

Here are 3 qualities Prophet Muhammad PBUH had as a parent: 


1- He was affectionate towards all children. He always took the time to notice children, stroke their heads, smile at them or play with them. He loved playing with children whether they were related to him or not. Even though he was a very busy man, he still gave them his time, affection and attention. Children are in need of our love and attention.   

2- He taught us to avoid breaking any promises we make to them. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: " When you promise them something, then live up to your promise since indeed they do not recognize you except as the one who sustains them.”


3- Prophet Muhammad PBUH had the utmost patience with children. In a famous hadith narrated by Anas Bin Malik RA, who was raised by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he said: “I served the Prophet s.a.w for ten years, and he never said to me, ‘Uff’ (a minor harsh word denoting impatience) and never blamed me by saying, "Why did you do so or why didn't you do so?” (Bukhari)


If you have any specific questions about how to deal with your children, check out our website here. We have a list of amazing service providers (family + life coaches/therapists) who can answer any of your parenting questions. 

Written by Gheed Al Nassan 

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