Ramadan is about a month and a bit away and we are so excited. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Before sunrise Muslims wake up for Suhoor which is basically a light breakfast before the fast begins. After salat Al-Fajr this is when the fast begins.Muslims refrain from food and water during this time but also refrain from sexual activity, impure/unkind thoughts and negative behavior. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims since the sole purpose of this holy month is to increase one's deen and grow a stronger and closer connection with Allah (swt). Muslims focus on prayer, making constant dua, reading the whole Quran and humbling one’s self. 

Before sunset Muslims gather in their homes or at local mosques to break their fast with their local Muslim community. Breaking fast, which is called iftar, is usually started off by eating dates and drinking laban. This was according to the traditions of Prophet  Muhammad (pbuh). After iftar, Muslims usually head to the mosque to pray Tarawih prayers which is preferred during the month of Ramadan instead of praying by one’s self at home. Praying in congregation is much preferred. During the whole month of Ramadan the whole Quran would have been recited during the Tarawih prayers.  Tarawih prayers are performed after Isha prayer during the holy month of Ramadan. Tarawih prayers usually start at 8 or 10 rakats and can increase in increments of 2. Some scholars suggest that 20 rakats is the requirement to successfully complete Tarawih prayer. 

Ramadan is a time to come together and worship the creator. It’s a time to humble oneself, be kind, be giving and considerate. A time to step back and focus on what’s important in this life which is our relationship with Allah (swt). 


Written by Anan Helwih


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