Everyone throughout the journey of life no matter their religion faces trials and tribulations. Some might think it's unfair when they are faced with challenges which are far greater when compared with someone else. The question which then follows is why? If there is a God, then why is there suffering and struggles throughout life? 

Not getting an answer immediately can sometimes distance people from Allah (SWT) as they start doubting whether or not Allah (SWT) loves them and start to feel that He is unfair. But Allah (SWT) is The Just and the Most Merciful. There is wisdom behind every situation He places us in. 

Some of the reasons as to why Allah (SWT) tests us and puts us through difficulties are listed below:

  • Tests bring out the best/worst in us - Tests are the means by which Allah (SWT) distinguishes between us because they bring out the best or worst in us. How we  help to expose our faith and lack of faith.  
  • These tests are meant to purify us - Tests are not a punishment. They are a part of His infinite mercy. Through them, He eliminated some of our mistakes and sins. And ofcourse, these trials are nothing in comparison to those of the hereafter.
  • Trials can replace misfortunes - If only we knew what misfortunes Allah protects us from, we will never want to miss a prayer. The tests that grieve us can be a form of protection from something worse that might have befallen us. Your trial can be a blessing in disguise. Be grateful, always.

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Written By Yaseen Johaar


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