Removing Grudges

What is a grudge? A grudge against a person is the unwillingness to forgive them for something that they did to you. It is a constant and ill feeling towards a person. Is it possible to live a decent and happy life while holding grudges against those that have wronged you? In a video with Imam Omar Suleiman, he says that, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Oh my son if you are capable of waking up in the morning and ending the evening without any hatred in your heart for anyone, then do so”. This is a beautiful piece of advice. Not only is it important to sleep with a clean and pure heart but it’s also important to wake up with it. What comes to your heart as soon as you wake up? Do you wake up angry, holding grudges, and feeling sad? If the answer is yes, then we need to work on changing our heart.

“At night you need to make it a point to actively remove grudges from your heart. The best way to achieve this is to actually make dua for the person, to pray for the person. To ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness for them and goodness for them”. (Imam Omar Suleiman) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tells us that this is his way, this is part of his sunnah. Imam Omar Suleiman tells us to imagine how our Prophet, till the day of his death, welcomed people to his ummah who had killed his family members, ran him out of Mecca, and harmed him in so many ways. Yet, he accepts them and forgives them and doesn’t remind them of the harm they committed against him”. The strength that it took to do this was beyond belief. 

SubhanAllah his iman was something we should all strive for today. That’s why his way of life is considered sunnah. Forgive those that wrong you, make dua for them and ask Allah (swt) to forgive them. The beauty of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was that he was wronged so much and yet he had a heart of forgiveness and love. This was his sunnah. This was his way. Imam Omar Suleiman says that in Surah Ali’ Imran (3:31), it says, “If you really love Allah (swt) then follow the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah shall love you and forgive your sins. Allah is the Most-Forgiving, Most-Merciful". 

Written By Anan Helwih

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