Salah is the first deed we’ll be asked about on the day of judgement. This shows the significance of this deed and to why it is important for us to emphasize performing it to the best of our ability. Concentrating is arguably the hardest part of performing Salah, especially with the many distractions that come in today's day and age. 

Therefore we have put together a list of tips below to take into consideration when trying to concentrate in your next prayer: 

  • Try to understand what you are reciting to the best of your ability - Learn the meaning of the Surahs which you recite in salah. You will get less distracted from the salah if you understand what you are reciting as you will focus on the meaning.
  • Switch up the Surahs you recite - When you recite the same Surah over and over again, you tend not to concentrate on it. Learn a new Surah every once in a while and calibrate it into your salah.
  • Offer your Salah as if it’s your last one.
  • Empty yourself before you pray - Do all the things that might worry you while praying. For example, if you are hungry then eat and if you need the bathroom then make sure you use it first before starting prayer. 

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Written By Yaseen Johaar


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