Nafeesa Baboo
Transformational Coach / Freelance English Instructor
Intuitively guided to connect you with your higher self. Empowering Muslim women to shift into action
English, Africaans
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Allow me to introduce myself

I am Nafeesa!
Filled with a number of experiences that activated my desire to grow, learn and now teach as well. Fueled by a purpose to create healing, love and light.

I have a good couple of experiences, skills and practical strategies that led me to this point in my life and my truth is pushing so much harder than ever before.

I kept playing small and doubting the strength within and each time the doubt shouted, courage whispered. The whispers became so loud that the doubt disappeared.

And so here I am in 2022, giving notice to the world that I am an empowered soul , on a journey of healing and willing to share my light and learning with all those who are inspired to work with me and learn from the knowledge bestowed within me from our Divine Creator.

I work immensely through Ilham (Intuition and Inspiration from Allah) and I have completed a few courses to gain the qualification and expertise that allows and enables me to support my clients on their journey of fulfillment.

I am also a life long student and enjoy learning and being expansive so that I can contribute more and add value to all those I get in touch with.


South Africa
South African


Master NLP Practitioner
Work experience
20 Years Retail Management and Leadership


Islamic Services
General Counselling
Psychological Counselling
Post-Marital Counselling
Pre-Marital Counselling
Marriage Growth
Comprehensive Family Support
Anger Management
Stress/Time Management
Anxiety and Depression Counselling
Teen Mentorship
Motherhood Support
Life Counselling
NLP & Hypnosis
Business Consulting
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