Brother Aiman Azlan
Youth Mentor, Author, and Entrepreneur
Own Your Life
English, Malay
Rating: 0
Malak Kudaimi
Financial Coach
Simplifying Your Finances
Rating: 0
Dima Najjar
Psychologist, Aleppo University, Syria
Rating: 0
Coach Adila Amiruddin
Expetriate & Life Transition Coach
Grow with me!
English, Indonesian, Malay
Rating: 0
Sr. Sohada Awad, OTR/L
Heart-Centered Coach, Faith-Based Counselor
Founder of Madina Therapy
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Mufti Amjad Mohammed, MPhil
Sharīʿa, Education and Management Consultant
Mufti| Qāḍī| Academic| Lecturer| Management| Problem Solver| Innovator| Researcher| Scientist| Counsellor| Islamic Psychologist
English, Arabic, Urdu
Rating: 0
Coach Seemala Fathima, ACC
ICF Credentialed ACC Coach
Faith based Self Discipline Mentor & Coach - Fulfilling the Purpose of Life and Deen through Self Discipline.
English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu
Rating: 0
Nazreen Ismail
Financial Life Coach
Empowering Women in Financial Life, Together Towards Tranquility
English, Malay
Rating: 0
Maali Luqman, BA, MA
Wayne County Women’s Commissioner
Leadership Consultant | Author | Educator
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Soumaya Ettouji
Mindset Coach
Self-love and compassion coach with a focus on post-divorce healing.
English, French
Rating: 0