Sarah Taher, MSc
Rehabilitation Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Therapeutic Solutions for Muslim Women (aged 18 and above)
English, Urdu
Rating: 0
Zumri Lahardeen, MBA & BSC in IT
Business & Education Consultant
Business Consultant & Trainer Specializing in Digital Business, Project Management, Skills Coaching & Strategic Consultation.
English, Tamil
Rating: 0
Imam Yousef Bakeer, Shykh
Imam, Islamic Youth Counsellor, Educator and Mentor.
Imam and Counselor
English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish
Rating: 100%
Mufti Yousuf Sultan, CSAA, CIFE
Shariah Advisor, Islamic Finance & Islamic Fintech Expert
AAOIFI Master Trainer, Academic & Professional Experience in Shariah, Islamic Finance & Islamic Fintech
English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Andleen Razzaq
Licensed Master NLP Transformational Coach, Trainer & Educator
Unlocking the inner journey of the mind, heart and soul
Rating: 0
Mohammad Masood alam
Quran Teacher & Imam
I am a hafiz! i want to teach students to make our children religious and make them learn about islam and the sacrifices that our prophets.
Hindi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Kamal Masri, Mr.
Certified Life and Leadership Coach
Certified Professional & Mental Fitness Coach
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Ruwaida Dohry
Positive Islamic Life Coach
Trauma-Informed Care, Holistic Healing & Personal Development
Rating: 0
Mariam Khalil
Identity and Relationship Coach
Coaching for a Happier Well-Balanced You, Dunya & Akhirah
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Coach Tahmina Mahmud, Muallimah
Life Coach and Islamic teacher
Life's too short to waste on anxiety and depression. It's time to find the peace contentment that you deserve
Rating: 0