The idea of Meaning in Life's Suffering

Started on Fri, 20.05.2022 - 11:20am America/New_York
Aqsa Khalid
Accredited Logotherapist (Austria), Clinical Social Worker
Hello and Salam Everyone, Dr. Viktor Frankl who was a psychiatrist, says that we all need to be in touch with our spiritual needs. We all need some meaning or purpose in our lives, be it in our daily events of happiness or events of suffering. It can be someone's religious affiliation, closeness to God, the pursuit of their goals, helping others, or any other activity in their lives that makes them feel fulfilled and content.  Are you aware of what you find fulfilling in your lives? Can you share what comes to your mind when thinking about meaningful moments? Does that help you in your difficult times? You can find below a video link that explains this concept with a beautiful example of a man whose wife had died and who has to live with this reality, but he eventually finds some meaning in it, and as a result, his suffering decreases. Let's share and help uplift each other and learn from each other. Kind Regards Aqsa Khalid