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Islamic Services

At Faith Consulting, we connect our members with professional Muslim Imams and Scholars who will offer advice on Shariah Matters, Islamic Studies and General Conuselling. Depending on your situation and inquiries, Faith Consulting offers various options and solutions to any and all inquires with regards to Islam. During your initial consultation, we will understand what exactly it is you are looking for and connect you to the right mentor. Furthermore, your mentor will hold one-on-one video consultations to ensure that they can help ease your Islamic concerns and help guide you to a solution.

What makes an Islamic Scholar?

In order to be considered a qualified Islamic Scholar, one has to go through years of training in Islamic Studies, Arabic, Quran studies, Hadith Studies and more. The Arabic Language is a crucial part of being a qualified Islamic Scholar since the Quran is in Arabic and the history behind Islam is Arabic.

There are many universities that offer degrees in Islamic studies such as Al-Azhar in Egypt. Islamic Scholars don't necessarily need to have a college degree but they do require extensive training on the matter. Finding qualified scholars, for example, and studying under them is one way to increase your knowledge in Islamic Studies. The certificate to teach is known as an "ijaza" which is basically like a degree and shows that the scholar understands and is qualified to teach about various Islamic topics. This is a key part to becoming a qualified Islamic Scholar.

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Islamic Services includes but are not limited to:
  • Philosophical Discourse
  • Advice on Sharia Matters
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Language
  • Wills/Inheritance
  • Dream Interpretation
  • General Counselling
  • Friday Khutba

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