Oumaima Joudi, Msc
Women Health Consultant
Public Health Manager/ Quality Healthcare Manager/Registered Midwife/ Adolescence+Pregnancy+ Motherhood+Newborn care = full guidance
English, Arabic, French
Rating: 0
Haifz Muhammad Faheem, Imam
Imam | Online Quran Teacher
Quran and Tajweed Teacher authorized in Qirat Hafs
English, Arabic, Urdu
Rating: 0
Muhammad Mehdi, PhD Scholar
Islamic Research Officer
Doctor of Philosophy, Al-Mustafa International University IRAN
English, Arabic, Farsi, Punjabi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Rameen Masud
speech,language & swallowing expert| rehabilitation psychologist, typically replies within 24 hours
English, Punjabi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Iqbal Alsharif
Arabic Teacher
Arabic Teacher for adults and kids from 5 years
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
I will be your Quran tutor for Tajweed, Recitation, and Hifz.
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Miss Abir Ashraf , PhD finance
Finance management Quran Teacher, recitation and memorization
Assalamalikum I am Alima and mualima i have experience above 10 years of teaching I am teaching via Skype or zoom
English, Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Sindhi, Urdu
Rating: 50%
Usman Okunola
Financial Technology Professional
Financial Technology Professional, University of Ilorin
English, Arabic, Yoruba
Rating: 0
Naijha Friend
Hijab Coach
Hijab is a journey, I'm here to guide you
Rating: 0%
Ahmed Elbahrawy
Arabic Teacher & islamic studies for non- Arabic speakers
Teacher, researcher, translator, consultant
English, Arabic, Portuguese
Rating: 0