Anisah Abdullah
Perinatal Wellness Professional, Doula & Birth Coach
Perinatal Wellness. Private practice 9 years, Pregnancy to postpartum consulting.
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Mayameen Meftahi, BEM
Trauma & Intervention Specialist
Queens Honours Award-Winning Specialist in Trauma
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Imam Hasan Siddiqi, M.S.
Resident Scholar
Masters in Islamic Sciences from IOU and Masters in Islamic Theology from Darul Uloom NYC. Specialization in Sharia Law and Family Matters.
English, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu
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Aisha Memon
Empathy based Leadership for burnt out Entrepreneurs
Digital Transformation Professional
English, Sindhi, Urdu
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Tafazal Mohammed, MA
Award Winning Relationship Coach & Mentor
Helping Muslim Couples To Repair & Grow Their Marriages ▶ Conflict Resolution ▶ Communication Skills ▶ Scientific Assessment
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Heather Stewart
Anxiety and Confidence Coach
*WOMEN ONLY* Overcome anxiety. Build unshakeable confidence. Create the life you desire.
Rating: 100%
Malak Ouza , LMSW and LCSW
Travel & Life Consultant
I’m here to help you live your best life and recognize the infinite power within you and God!
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Coach Maymoona Khan
Psychologist/ Relationship Counsellor
Helping you maximize your true potential while prioritizing your spirituality and wellbeing
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Jia Jamali
Mindset & Fitness Coach
Empowering Muslim Women to take charge of their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness.
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Dr Areeba Khan, BA, MBA, PHD
Islamic Finance Scholar, Founder of Islamic Fintech Startup
I want to spread a good word about Islamic Finance and want to facilitate investment in Islamic Financial Products
English, Hindi, Urdu
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