Nader Tohamy
Real Estate Agent, Halal Investor
Always do your research, and Allah knows best!
Rating: 100%
Mrs Yasmin (Gina) Djendel
Spiritual Life Coach/ Mindfulness Life Coach
Creating Peace in a Chaotic Mind
Rating: 0
Doha Hosainy
Arabic and Quran Teacher
Arabic and Quran Teacher, Al-Sham Private University, Syria
Rating: 0
Shaymaa Ashraf, BA
Writer / Communication Specialist / Editor / Proofreader
Bilingual Writer and Editor, International expert.
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Hafiz Albakov Azamat
Imam, public speaker, teacher
Quran teacher with 10 years experience
English, Arabic, Chechen, Dutch, French, Russian
Rating: 0
Carin Timskog
Personal Trainer, Health Coach
I help Muslim mums get fit & Energized
Rating: 0
Nurlina Hussin
Life Coach, CSR Consultant, Entrepreneur, Trainer
Communications Specialist for Over 20 years
Rating: 0
Rukiya Abubakar
Educationist and Coach
Thrive for Excellence
Rating: 0
Spread Knowledge Worldwide
English, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Saadia Khan, M.A, M.Ed, CPLC
Certified Educator, Certified Life Coach
Helping Muslim Women live their strongest, most authentic lives with passion & purpose
English, Urdu
Rating: 0