Shiraz Latiff, MBA, FCIM
Organizational & Occupational Consultant
Find Purpose in Life & Career
Rating: 0
Syed Saad ali
Instructing, Social issues, Parenting tips.
Hifz mentorship, relation problems solving according Quran 0 hadees, parenting issues.
English, Urdu
Rating: 0
Aiman Azlan
Youth Mentor
Make Marriage Manageable
English, Malay
Rating: 0
Coach Adila Amiruddin
Expatriate & Life Transition Coach MWC & SOIF Certified Coach
Grow with me! Book a session and have a meaningful conversation with me
English, Indonesian, Malay
Rating: 0
Nafeesa Baboo
Transformational Coach / Freelance English Instructor
Intuitively guided to connect you with your higher self. Empowering Muslim women to shift into action
English, Africaans
Rating: 0
unaisah adam
Counsellor / Ustazah
Time is a gift to serve
English, Arabic, Malay
Rating: 0
Nader Tohamy
Real Estate Agent, Halal Investor
Always do your research, and Allah knows best!
Rating: 100%
Mrs Yasmin (Gina) Djendel
Spiritual Life Coach/ Mindfulness Life Coach
Creating Peace in a Chaotic Mind
Rating: 0
Doaa Hussein
Clinical Psychotherapist
Rating: 0
Hiba Al Samman
Psychological Counselor, HR Management Consultant
Higher Studies Diploma in Psychological Counseling and pedagogic and Vocational Guidance
English, Arabic
Rating: 0