Psychological Counselling
Naaila Moumaris-Clay , MS, NCC
Mental Health and Couples Counselor
All relationships begin with the relationship with yourself
Rating: 0
Shefa Obaid, @Noorcounsel
Psychological Counselor/Psychologist
Women's Empowerment, Recovery from Abuse and Trauma Specialist
English, Arabic
Rating: 99%
Dr. Ghena Alhanaee
Education, Research
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
Rating: 95%
Salha Alzalai, BA, MHM
Life Coach, Business Coach, Business Consultant
Enlightening your lives through the spirit joy and happiness
English, Arabic
Rating: 0
Nadine Sommer
PCOS Health Coach
"You can only see well with the heart; the essential is invisible to the eyes." (The Little Prince)
English, German
Rating: 0
Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim, Coach
Life & Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer
Improvement is an Investment
Rating: 100%
Areeba Amanat, SLP/T, Psy
Speech-Language Pathologist/ Therapist, Mental Health Expert
Speech, Language & Swallowing expert | Rehabilitation Psychologist | Research. Typically replies within 24 hours.
English, Punjabi, Urdu
Rating: 0
Seema Khan
Certified Peaceful Parenting Educator
Breaking generational cycles and bringing peace to Muslim homes.
Rating: 0
Mrs Maisara Arshad
Family and Relationship Coach
English, Urdu
Rating: 0
Nadia Leona Yunis, LLM
Personal Development Trainer
Queen of Inspiration & Motivation™ | Helping You Heal And Transform Your Toxic Mindset | Inspiring & Motivating H.O.P.E back into lives!
English, Urdu
Rating: 0